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Dodecanese Islands



The name for the Dodecanese Islands comes from the Greek word for “twelve,” because there are 12 major and 120 minor islands located in the southern Aegean Sea, off the Turkish coast. Occupied by Minoans and Dorians by 1100 BC, two of these Islands, Kos and Rhodes, were thriving centers of commerce by the 6th century BC. Dream Yacht Charter has bases on both islands. At the Kos Marina, a 14th century fortress guards the harbor entrance. Kos was the location of Hippocrates’ medical school and the largest marketplace in the ancient world. Relax at Paradise beach.


The island of Rhodes, shaped like the head of a spear at one time was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Colossus of Rhodes – until an earthquake in 226 BC brought down these great symbols of wealth. Now, en-route to our base, in the Mandraki Port of Rhodes, you can see a pair of modern bronze deer where the great Colossus stood. The island is well known for its fallow deer. In addition, in the Petaludes Valley, there are rare butterflies and the Rhoda hibiscus.


St. Paul visited Rhodes in the first century BC, and St. John was exiled on nearby Patmos. He is credited with converting the islands to Christianity. Rhodes was the home of the Knights of St. John until the mid 16th century brought Suleiman, when they fled to Malta. Byzantine churches abound and you can visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes today. Another highlight is the Temple of Apollo in the Acropolis of Rhodes.


No matter where you go in Greece or in the Greek Islands, you will find majestic culture and abundant natural beauty. Experience the sailing vacation of a lifetime with a little help from Dream Yacht Charters.